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About: Sonnex™ Hosting

SonneX™ Hosting was founded on July 22nd 2003. Our goal is to provide common consumers and small businesses with quality hosting at competitive prices. Our pricing is presented head on, with absolutely NO hidden charges, what you see is what you pay.

Our staff will not ignore your problems or needs. Our employees can be reached through many different mediums so that you, the valued client, will be satisfied with our service.

Our staff
Do you think this is a one man operation? think again. There is a lot of people behind Sonnex Hosting, the owners, the tech support guys, forum moderators... It all just makes your experience with us better. You may find information about every member of our team, in the staff page.

Testimonials There are some clients who have taken the time to write a review of our services, impartial opinions about our services. See what others have to say about us.
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